Antivirus Zap is a comprehensive virus scanner for Mac. It scans and removes viruses, adware, malware, spyware and ransomware and other malicious software from your Mac. It detects malware and adware threats or suspicious files that are already on your Mac and protects you from being exposed to new viruses and adware in the future. It is an easy to use virus scanner and adware cleaner for Mac It detects and removes malware and viruses to safeguard your Mac. Designed exclusively for macOS and available on the Mac Store. Antivirus Zap checks the most likely locations for viruses, malware and adware .Checks an extended list of most likely locations including Applications, Downloads, Desktop, Mail Download etc. folders Directory scan, select any specific files or folders to scan, perfect for suspicious files, folders and USB drives Virus Scan + Browser Restore Adware Scan: Antivirus Zap also scans all applications and processes currently in the memory for virus and adware Antivirus Zap scans all programs that start automatically by the system and detects and remove adware It detects not only macOS but also Windows and Linux malware. You can scan Windows bootcamp, external and network drives for malware. Easy to use user interface Database is updated daily
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Malware, Removed!

Guaranteed Results. Fast and accurate antivirus solution for Mac

Easy to use

Easy to use result oriented user interface


Daily malware, adware database updates

One-on-one Support

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Antivirus Zap is a comprehensive solution that scans and removes malware and other malicious software from your Mac. It detects threats or suspicious files that are already on your Mac.


Find and destroy stubborn malware, adware and spyware

Unwanted Applications

Identify and remove potentially unwanted applications


Simple, effective and easy to use user interface


Get in touch directly with one of our security engineers.


Regular Adware and Virus database updates

Memory and Startup Scan

Scan active processes in memory or started during startup

Reviewed and Verified by Apple. Get it Now directly from Apple’s Mac App Store

5 Star Ratings Wordwide


5 Star Ratings in the US


5 Star Ratings in the UK


% 5 or 4 Star Ratings

Don’t be fooled by fake antivirus apps heavily promoted by scareware and popups. Get our app from the Apple App Store.

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Guaranteed results with direct one-on-one support

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